So, you are leading a company and want to change the world! 
But . . . there are nagging cultural challenges in your organization that won’t go away. 

Your brand and corporate culture won’t line up. You have ongoing relational conflict, even among your executive leadership team. Your internal culture seems confused and filled with political infighting. Your people don’t seem loyal to your mission and your company will likely end when you leave. For some reason, your leadership doesn’t provide clarity and strength to the internal culture you want to establish. 

My name is Danny Silk and I can help you. With over 25 years of experience in corporate, small business, nonprofit, and pastoral leadership, I’ve helped thousands of people just like you move from chaos to a culture of honor. I’ve traveled the world speaking to leaders and teams, and have written 7 books on leadership, relationships, and culture.
My strength and focus continues to be helping leaders build stronger relationships among their executive teams and emphasize connection in their corporate culture. We create a culture of honor amongst our people when they believe that they are powerful, valuable, and part of something that is changing the world. I am amazed at the results of the teams I’ve had the privilege to work with.
It starts with a 30-minute phone call to assess the situation and decide what a plan would look like.*

This is a simple step to avoid creating a place where no one wants to work longer than they absolutely have to, and where you’re enduring infighting and politics and watching profits suffer because of overall instability.
The plan is to help you discover and address the needs in your culture, build a strategy to solve those problems, and help you execute that strategy.
This call could set you on the road to becoming an industry leader with internal cultural integrity, brand mastery, and the momentum you’ve hoped to create. Solid financial performance and a lasting legacy of influence is what I hope to help you build.

*Consultations are geared towards medium to large organizations. 
"Danny Silk is a person who activated so many tools in my life that I now use daily and I can’t think of one other man besides my own Father who has had such an impact on my internal operation system. My experience with Danny Silk over my life and organization has been life changing. I think I owe him royalties for the place of training and development that he provides. He has coached many iterations of my team and lets face it, any coach can identify weaknesses and give you well formulated answers but Danny has an ability to get his hands dirty while standing front and center and helping you navigate your industry with a whole new gps through his talented approach. I can’t say enough about the tools of honor, conflict management, connection, and relational strengthening he has brought us. I have recommended him all over the world and the people he could make time for to coach have the same kinds of reports I am giving you now. Plus he is funny and I only can receive coaching from someone who makes you laugh while exposing holes in your leadership style, character, or organization. He makes hard processes of adapting to new skill sets feel doable by infusing those he coaches with courage. He imparts teachability in his methods and creates the ability to change which is the one area that is one of his strongest strengths: He is always adapting himself and changing and growing which causes those of us lucky enough to be coached by him to feel like we are getting the latest version of his heart filled but professional best."
-Shawn Bowlz

"The communication tools I learned from Danny not only taught me how to work better with my team at the office but have also improved connections with my clients.

Working with Danny has dramatically improved the quality of my relationships at work and at home. The only thing I regret is not learning all of this decades ago."
-Charles Kown
"I have known Danny Silk for the past 11 years, and it is true to say that he has impacted me personally and the organization of which I am the CEO in an enormous way.
I would say that Danny Silk is a genius at helping individuals, communities and organisations transform themselves in fundamental and strategic ways. He has helped us to establish a “Culture of Honor” and establish healthier interpersonal interactions. The personal development of my own life in particular in regard to my relationships with other people has been life changing.
Danny has also worked with “Eastgate” over the past 10 years and helped us develop from a church with about 350 members situated in a rural context into a church with about 900 members touching many nations and with many initiatives that impact the world around us.
He has helped us move forward in strategic and effective ways. His input to us has enabled us to grow much faster than we would have envisaged and his ongoing encouragement and wisdom keeps us on track and moving forward. We have also had a lot of fun in the process."
-Dr. Peter Carter

"Danny has been instrumental in moving us forward in the process of a church leadership transition from our founding pastors who have been leading for over 40 years. We felt stuck with how far we had progressed and were really in need of some outside perspective and wisdom. Danny provided that beyond our expectations. 
He was extremely engaged and prepared from the moment we met with him. He was able to deftly navigate potential relational hurdles between our founding pastors and our current Executive team. His ability to challenge us with hard questions and guide difficult conversations is truly a gift. 

Our time with Danny left us feeling confident of what next steps to take and equipped with tools to continue to keep the process moving forward. Just as helpful, he has left in us a deposit of wisdom that allows us to continue to honor one another well in the midst of difficult change."
-Mike Yoder
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